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Welcome to the Dg Family Forums!

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Welcome to the Dg Family Forums! Empty Welcome to the Dg Family Forums!

Post by Nr on Sat Jun 27, 2015 4:31 pm

Welcome to the Dg Family Forums! Dgfban10

Welcome to the Dg Family forums!

We are a Runescape forum for both the F2P dungeoneering community and the P2P social, skilling/PvM clan Dg Family. For basic information on both communities and how they are connected, keep reading.

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Dg Family was created as a friends chat in May 2010 by Lil Taps and Glock Burnaz, going by the name of "Fast Dg" at the time. The purpose of the friends chat was to create a good F2P dungeoneering community, which among other things, would allow skillers to train dungeoneering. This was made possible due to an xp penalty, which reduced the total xp of any floor completed in F2P by 50% when the average combat level of the party was above 90.

The 2cb3sk tehnique has since been used by players looking to dungeoneer efficiently in F2P. Although the additions of occult floors, warped floors, bonds and updates that have made soloing a viable alternative to group dungeoneering have decreased the motivation to form a team in F2P, significantly lower stat requirements, easier floors, a more relaxed enviroment and a tight-knit community have kept F2P dungoneering afloat.

While Fast Dg was mostly run by Lil Taps, Glock Burnaz took over leading the clan during Taps's absence in November 2010 and members moved to the friends chat "Dg Fam". In April 2011, Lil Taps's return coincided with the clan chat system being introduced to Runescape and he created the "Dg Family" clan chat. As Glock Burnaz's main reason of playing was managing the "Dg Fam" friends chat, he did not continue as an administrative rank. Lil Taps resigned as the owner in March 2012. Since then, Dg Family has gone through numerous different owners and administrations and is currently owned by Stansandiego.

In November 2012, EoC was added to the game and the combat level system was changed to 4-200 along with it, reversing the xp penalty and penalizing 2cb3sk in the process. Although there were efforts to find new methods and keep 2cb3sk dungeoneering going, activity was minuscule for months and only a select few dungeoneerers who dunged in 2cb3sk parties converted to F2P 5cb dungeoneering.

In the beginning of 2013, a new method was found. A group of skillers discovered that 2cb3sk parties with a difficulty of 5:3 is viable and allows for faster xp/h than was achieved with 5:5 parties before EoC. While 2cb3sk dungeoneering didn't manage to stay as popular as it was before, plenty of players gave the new method a go.

Being one of the skillers to discover the method, Dg Family admin 85flyingcat opened his friends chat to be dedicated to 5:3 2cb3sk dungeoneering, shortly after the method was found. While Dg Family also picked up on 5:3, the hub for 2cb3sk dungeoneering gradually shifted from Dg Family to 85flyingcat's friends chat. Dg Family attempted to stay in the F2P dungeoneering game, but dungeoneerers preferred 85flyingcat's fc and the focus of remaining Dg Family members was gradually turning towards P2P activities. In February 2014, 85flyingcat decided to shut down his friends chat and the members of the friends chat moved to L0lf2p, lead by Nose.

"L0lf2p" friends chat stands as the F2P dungeoneering hub today, specializing in 5:3 2cb3sk dungeoneering. Dg Family has distanced from dungeoneering and is continuing as a P2P social and skilling/PvM clan.

Despite Dg Family turning away from F2P dungeoneering, among other things, the F2P dungeoneering record sheet for all floors (2cb3sk, 5cb and solo), F2P dungeoneering discussions, along with competitions are hosted here. The forums continue to serve as a community platform and are open to all members from Dg Family and the F2P dungeoneering community.

Browse around the forums for more information. The Information & Guidelines section can be viewed by anyone. To gain access to the entire forum, you need to register an account here.

Thread updated June 27th 2015. The previous entry was also written by me on September 27th 2014. Thanks to Nebhet and Sonikku for writing previous "Welcome to Dg Family forums!" threads.
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