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Dungeoneering Lingo

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Dungeoneering Lingo Empty Dungeoneering Lingo

Post by Redefinition on Thu Jun 18, 2015 6:44 pm


Combatant: Cb
Skiller: Sk
Critical path/room: Crit (or "Critting" to signify that you are on the critical path)
Bonus path/room: Bo or Bon (or "Boing" to signify that you are on the bonus path)
Level mod %: Mod (or "Modding" to signify that you are killing NPC's to increase level mod %)
End the floor: E or End or Gte
Make Law runes and buy feathers: L/f; when someone has followed this request and dropped these items at home, they call "L/f h"
Deliver Law runes and feathers: Del (this means that a skiller should pick up the items and teleport using the portal)
Someone is needed for a puzzle: +1 (or +2 or +3); it is usually assumed that this means to teleport to the group gatestone, so specify if you mean otherwise (ex. "+1 Emotes e h" or "+2 w")
Regroup: Rg
Ragequit: Rq

Navigation & Important Reference Points:

North: N
East: E
South: S
West: W
Base: Home/H
Northeast of the base: Ne h
*Numbers can be used with directions for certain situations.
Example: Emotes 1 room south and 2 rooms west of the base = emotes 1s2w h
Boss: B
Dead end: De; Dewk is a dead end with a key; Denk is a dead end with no key

An NPC has been marked for reference to a specific door or room: [insert room/door abbreviation] m
Example: The leader marked an NPC to draw attention to a guardian door - Gd m

Yellow corner door is facing south - Yco facing s / Yco fs / Yco f s
Use this sparingly as it can take time to type & read, ie. don't use it for all doors.


Guardian door: Gd
Regular door: Reg or Ent
P2P door: P; P1 is P2P door #1, P7 is P2P door #7, etc.

*Note that the colour is to be used in conjunction with the shape, without a space between.

Blue: B
Crimson: C
Gold: Go
Green: Gr
Orange: O
Purple: P
Silver: S
Yellow: Y
Corner: co
Crescent: cr
Diamond: d
Pentagon: p
Rectangle: r
Shield: s
Triangle: t
Wedge: w

Gold corner door: Goco
Green crescent key: Grcrk
Purple diamond door northwest of the base: Pd nw h
Found the yellow pentagon key: Gk yp ("gk" means "got key")
*Note: In some instances, "Gk" can be an instruction to the other CB to pick up a key. In these cases, "Gk" would mean "Get key"
Found the key to the door at home: Hk
Key found at or close to the end of a critical path: Link (ex. Yp link)


Personal gatestone: Gs, G8, Gate
Example: Yellow wedge gated = Yw g, Yw gs, Yw gsed, Yw g8, Yw me, Yw mine
Group gatestone: Ggs
Group gatestone dropped at purple diamond door: Ggs @ Pd, @Pd
Teleport to the group gatestone: Gt; note that other abbreviations can be added to specify what the group gatestone is at (ex. Gtb is said to request a player to teleport to the boss)
Move the group gatestone: Mgt or Take or T (ex. "Take ys" means "Move the group gatestone to yellow shield")
Selling (dropping) the group gatestone: Sgt or Sold
Buying (requesting that the holder drops) the group gatestone: Bgt or Buy
Carry the group gatestone further along the path: Cgt or Carry
Hold the group gatestone in anticipation for moving it soon: Hgt or Hold
Free gate: Fg
The group gatestone is currently static and covering nothing: Idle
Directed gatestone: Dir (ex. Calling "Pd dir" means that you have placed your gatestone as close as possible to the purple diamond door)
Gatestone is not directed but is in a general area: Covered or Covering (ex. "Yp covered" or "Gt covering oco")
Temporary gate: Temp (ex. "Yp temp" to signify a gate that will be replaced if something more important is found)
A door is being camped: [insert door abbreviation] c
Example: The purple rectangle door is being camped in anticipation of the key being found - Pr c

Puzzles: For more information about puzzles, click >this link< to the RuneWiki page (or alternatively, copy-and-paste this link: http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Dungeoneering/Puzzles).

Note: Most puzzles can be skipped by using the Warped gorajan trailblazer outfit. The main exceptions are the winch room and ghosts. When a puzzle is skipped (or is about to be skipped), call "melted".

Pressure pads: Slides
Seeker sentinel: Seeker or Seek
Sleeping guards: Brutes or guards
Sliding statues: Ms (for "Moving statues")
Add a stone weapon to 1 statue: 1stat or stat
Add a stone weapon to > 1 statue: stats
Emotes: Motes or Emo
Levers: Levs or Switches
Runecrafting tiles: Rct
Monolith: Mono or Moo
Ghosts: Ghosts or Goats
Suspicious grooves: Grooves or Spikes or Disco (the latter is because discos are "groovy")
Coloured light sequences: Lights
Pondskaters: Sk8 or Skaters
Fishing ferret: Ff
Coloured ferrets: Cf
Magical construct: Robo or Robot or Construct or Robert
Winch bridge: Winch
Mercenary leader: Merc
Maze: Mwk (with key) or Mnk (no key)

Stage bosses are generally called to signify that the other combatant can do bonus rooms. Some non-stage bosses are also called to signify that help is needed.

Luminescent Icefiend: Lum or Lumi
Skeletal Horde: Horde
Unholy Cursebearer: Cb
Sagittare: Sag or Sagi
Stomp: Stomp or Miners
Night-Gazer Khighorahk: Eye or Aye
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